From basic gear services through to full bike builds... we can do it all.

We have a variety of bike service options available from gear services, right through to full wheel rebuilds and bike builds. 

Please look at the servicing list for what we offer. 

As always advice is always honest knowledgeable and unbiased. 

If you can`t see what you need please get in touch. if its on a bike we can do it!

Most popular services

Gear Service

Basic gear service, everything needed to stop your gears from making that horrible clicking grinding and get them smooth again .

+ See full service breakdown

Brake Service

Full work-through of the brakes, from degreasing to resetting front and rear brakes.

+ See full service breakdown

Basic Service

Full service including the brakes, gears and component integrity check.

+ See full service breakdown

Deluxe Service

A complete strip down and rebuild of your bike, the very best service we have to offer.

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Other services

Not sure what you need?

The workings of a bicycle can sometimes seem confusing. Please get in touch by phone, email or leave a message on the site and we will find a solution that solves it quickly and as effectively as possible.

It would take a long time to itemise every different repair that I offer. If its on your bike I can fix it!

For any kind of repair not covered by the services above please ring or email and I will quickly quote you a price. Remember the price you are quoted is the price you will pay (parts excluded) no added VAT or shocks.