Working With Schools

I have worked with Shakespeare School, John Smeaton, Tong High,  Pudsey Lowton, Carlton Primary,  Involve Learning & South Leeds Academy in a variety of different formats

The most popular option is as a one day event for the children to bring their bikes in prior to a bikeability or cycle proficiency day. That way the kids bikes will be fully working before the test to guarantee safety. Above is a pic of this working at Shakespeare school.

I have also gone into  a couple of schools doing an hours lesson covering a mini maintenance lesson on bike repairs and servicing. Safety Equipment and safety on the road, Finally ending in a “ask me anything” Q & A session. 

I am proud to be working with both Involve Learning and South Leeds Academy setting up their own self sufficient bike shop within the school.

I supply the tools, time and knowledge on how to strip donated bikes down, then how to rebuild them back up to sell to fund this ongoing project. This scheme over time will allow the young adults to ride the bikes they have created away on field trips to biking spots around Yorkshire.

We service Tong High school`s fleet of 22 mountain bikes to keep them in working condition, despite the best efforts of the students!

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